about me

Ünal Aydın

A Modern Greek philologist with a passion for culture and history. I am a licensed professional tour guide, speaking fluently in both English and Greek. I have been guiding my guests from all over the globe since 2008. I have lived in the beautiful city of Istanbul for 15 years now and still find myself mesmerized with the vast history it has to offer.

I am a self motivated ,hard working individual with a great entreprenurial mindset.Having travelled vastly ı have a huge passion for travel and culture. Always striving to learn new languages,meeting people from all walks of life, helps me gain the expertise ı have over the years. To me guiding is not just a job; it is my passion to share my country’s history and remarkable colorful culture to the world, which I do with immense enthusiasm on a daily basis.

Let me share with you my expertise and knowledge during your stay in this timeless city of Istanbul, and hoping you cherish these memories for years to come. And who knows maybe our paths will meet again somewhere…